Spartans News · South Paulding HS Athletic Ticket Information!

South Paulding High School is excited to introduce GoFan Box Office and Digital Ticketing. This is a complete transition to 100% cashless ticket sales for all athletic events held at South Paulding HS this year. We will only accept credit card payments or validate advance ticket purchases at the gate.  There will NO cash transactions.  Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, ApplePay are all accepted. Digital tickets will operate the same way as traditional paper tickets when attending high school sporting event hosted by South Paulding High School.  There is still a “No Re-entry” policy for all events.

Purchasing digital tickets in advance for any home game on the schedule, will allow for smoother and quicker entry, so we encourage you to buy your tickets before the game!


How do I purchase my Digital Tickets?

Visit and click GET TICKETS. You will need to create an account to purchase your tickets. Tickets are available on the GoFan – Digital Ticket app – download from your App store.


How do I share the tickets with my family members?

You will use the same login name for all family members to access the tickets if family members arrive at separate times.


How are my tickets validated at the gate?

When you arrive, you will select the pass/ticket you wish to validate, and press Validate at the bottom. There will be a warning box that pops up as a two-step verification. Let the ticket worker press the green validate button when you arrive at the game.

Once your pass is validated, it will reset after four hours during the Fall season. Once tickets are validated, they are gone. It’s important to not press the green validation button until you have arrived at the gates. If the tickets have been validated before arrival, they are no longer active for admission into our events.


Can I access my tickets offline?

Yes – all GoFan digital passes and tickets are available for off-line use. Just download the ticket to your phone prior to arrival.


How much are the Tickets?

Varsity Football – $8.00 + $1.00 transaction fee

Sub-varsity Football – $5.00+ $1.00 transaction fee

All Other Sports Events – $5.00+ $1.00 transaction fee

*There is a $1.00 transaction fee for each ticket purchased*