Multiple Teams · South Paulding HS Basketball Ticket Information


It’s hard to believe, but Winter Sports are here and hoop season is in full swing!  Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are still under strict capacity guidelines for all PCSD Basketball games, thus limiting our spectator capacity.  South Paulding High School will continue to take extra precautions to try and ensure as safe an environment as possible for our fans.  We know that many would like to join us at the games and hopefully as we move later in the season, that opportunity will present itself. This letter will outline the process for our home basketball games.

Due to social distancing guidelines, the home and visiting schools will still be allotted a certain number of tickets based on the limited maximum capacity of 350 total persons. For the home games, we want to give each participants families the opportunity to purchase two (2) tickets prior to any tickets being sold to the public. The parent/guardian of those participating in the games being played (i.e. basketball players, managers, and cheerleaders) will receive an email from South Paulding HS on Sunday evenings for all home games that week, with a private GoFan links and a unique access code.  This unique access code will remain the same all season and will be the one you will use the entire season.  If neither parent/guardian of participants receives this link by Monday morning at 8 AM, you should email your coach.  Please keep in mind that the email will be sent to the primary contact as registered with your child’s coach.

Tickets are $5 (plus a $1 processing fee).   You will have 24-hours to purchase your tickets. Ticket link and access codes will close the morning of the game. If you do not purchase your tickets within the 24-hour window, these tickets will be made available for sale on our public link that will be sent out the next day.

If the visiting school does not sell their ticket allotment, those will be returned to the home school and made available for sale on our public link as well.


Ticket Timeline

Private Link and Access Codes to Parents – Sunday evenings

Private Link and Access Codes to Parents Ends –9:00AM the Morning of Gameday

Public Link Goes Live, the link will be published on our SPHS Athletics website and on Twitter @SPauldingHS_ATHMorning of Gameday


Purchasing digital tickets in advance for any home game on the schedule, will allow for smoother and quicker entry, so we encourage you to buy your tickets before the game!


Seating & Social Distancing

We are asking that fans please adhere to our seating policy.  Seats will be marked in pairs with red tape six (6) feet apart.  Please sit on the RED taped spots and do not sit in the unmarked areas. Rows are marked with signs to give more direction.

Cheerleaders will only be permitted to cheer from the bleachers this season per PCSD guidelines. No visiting cheer teams outside of PCSD.

Masks are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, especially while entering, exiting, or moving around the venue during the event (anytime you are unable to Social Distance).



Can I purchase extra tickets?

Yes. If we have more available to be sold on our public link. TICKETS SHOULD BE PURCHASED PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  NO TICKETS WILL BE FOR SALE AT THE DOOR.

How do I purchase my Digital Tickets?

Visit and click GET TICKETS. You will need to create an account to purchase your tickets. Tickets are available on the GoFan – Digital Ticket app – download from your App store.

 Purchasing My Tickets Video

How do I share the tickets with my family members?

You will use the same login name for all family members to access the tickets if family members arrive at separate times.

Accessing & Sharing Tickets Video

How are my tickets validated at the gate?

When you arrive, you will select the pass/ticket you wish to validate, and press Validate at the bottom. There will be a warning box that pops up as a two-step verification. Let the ticket worker press the green validate button when you arrive at the game.

It is important to not press the green validation button until you have arrived at the gates. If the tickets have been validated before arrival, they are no longer active for admission into our events. Again, do not validate any tickets prior to arriving at the gate.  Please check your spam or junk email for the tickets or ticket link.


Can I access my tickets offline?

Yes – all GoFan digital tickets are available for off-line use. Just download the ticket to your phone prior to arrival.

Will GHSA Passes & PCSD Employee Badges be honored?

Yes – both will be honored.  GHSA passes will allow entry for the cardholder and one (1) guest.  PCSD badges will allow entry for the employee only (limit 25 per event).


*NO ONE will be allowed to on the court at halftime or after the games due to New COVID Restrictions*

Will there be concessions sold during games?

Yes.  Concessions will be open under strict health guidelines.  Pre-packaged foods will be sold.

Will parents/friends be allowed on the court after the games?

No.  Due to new GHSA rules and guidelines, there will be no postgame handshakes.  Thus, we will be clearing the gym of all participants at the conclusion of the game.  We ask that you wait outside of the gym area for your student.

We look forward to seeing you at the games!